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Akko and Rosh Hanikra

Joel Meyer

To visit the ancient walled city of Akko is truly to step back in time - seemingly into another world; a world where crusader knights are fighting for Jerusalem and the holy cross, where political intrigue is driving empires and city states to war and smugglers are hiding their riches and plotting their next scheme.


In Akko we will explore all these stories as well as visiting the Turkish Hamam (bathhouse), local market and heading to prison(!) to experience first hand Jewish resistance to the British mandate in Palestine in the thirties and fourties. And if all that sounds like enough to work up an appetite, Akko is home to some of the freshest fish in Israel as well some of Israel's most famous Hummus establishments.


Rosh Hanikra is located at the very north-western tip of Israel on the border with Lebanon. Until today Lebanon dos not recognize Israel - and visiting (safely!) such a border is a sobering experience.


Embedded in the cliffs above the Mediterranean Sea are the Grottoes of Rosh Hanikra - carved out by the power of the water, descent in a cable car enables us to enter them and see first hand the awesome power of nature.

Our tour day will typically include:

  • a walk along the ancient walls of Akko

  • a tour of the city including the markets, the AL-Jazar Mosque, the lighthouse and the port.

  • Entry to the Hospitaller Fortress and the Knights Halls

  • A visit to the Al Basha Turkish Baths

  • Entry to the Citadel - the British Mandate prison

  • A wander through the Templar tunnels

  • taking the cable car down to the grottoes of Rosh Hanikra 

  • A walk to Israel's border with Lebanon

  • It is possible to add to the itinerary a visit to the Lochmei Ha'Getaot Ghetto Fighters Museum as well as a nature hike such as Nahal Kziv and an incredible viewpoint from the Keshet Cave - and even abseiling - all according to your wishes and interests. 

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