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Here's Just Some of the Things that People Are Saying About Joel...

I've been working in the field of Informal Education for over a decade where I have met hundreds of educators and tour guides - I can honestly say that there are very few that compare to Joel. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable and funny but he will work with you to customise your experience/seminar/trip which (in this day and age) is of the utmost importance to engage a wide range of audiences from different backgrounds.

Anthony Ashworth-Steen, Head of Israel Engagement and Informal Education at UJIA, UK

Joel's exceptional skills as a tour guide took what was already an incredible experience and made it that much better. He really made the experience in Israel an unforgettable one with his knowledge and great sense of humor. If you're looking to learn a lot and laugh a lot, then look no further!

Lizbeth Kastencauch, USA

Joel is a sensational tour guide. He relates to everyone, knows how to bring a site alive, bond a group, ask questions, lead discussions and is without a doubt among the top, most dynamic, entertaining and all round talented guides in the country. You would be mad not to book him!

Rabbi Adam Ross, Israel

Enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgable - Wonderful tour guide who finds ways of making all elements of any tour fun and interesting!

Max Waterman, UK

Joel is a great guide, it's rare to find a guide as knowledgeable, passionate and caring.

Yuval Margalit, Israel

I have worked with Joel on a range of seminars, tours, educational programs, training and other projects over the past three years. Joel is just fantastic. He brings energy, creativity and deep educational expertise to his work. He is a brilliant people-person, an outstanding tour guide and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend him more highly.

Robin Moss, Head of the UJIA Center for Israel Engagement, UK

A great tour guide and educator!

Yifat Cohen, Israel

Joel is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge about Israel and its history. Perfect for all ages, his tours will leave you with a new found love for the country and its people.

Michael Marks, UK

I have been on several group trips led by Joel and he has always brought his humour, passion and amazing knowledge to each experience. He has something to say about every site in Israel that you will never have heard before! Highly recommended.

Guy Pollack, Head of Noam Masorti Youth Organization, UK

Joel is incredible and inspiring!!

I had the experience of a lifetime in Israel - much in part due to my amazing tour guide, Joel. From start to finish, Joel took me on a spiritual, intellectual, and historical journey through Israel. He has a way of making even the most minute historical details engaging and entertaining. I had been to Israel before, but found myself learning new tidbits of information and stories that I had never heard before or considered. Joel has an infectious personality and truly cares about each and every person in his group. I found him personable, intelligent, funny, and professional. Without doubt, I recommend touring with Joel if you have the opportunity!

Emily L, USA

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world extensively. When visiting Israel for the first time, I was lucky enough to have Joel as my tour guide. He was, by far, above and beyond all my other guides. Thank you Joel for making my experience such a wonderful one.

Beth Weinberg, FLorida, USA

Joel is an amazing guide - knowledgeable, passionate, entertaining, and invested in telling all sides of the story. You absolutely can't do any better.

Julia Levy, USA

Joel Meyer was such a fabulous guide! His knowledge of Israel, his caring soul, his clear use of the English language, 
his involvement with our group and his boundless energy were just a few of his personal characteristics that made him so special. He went out of his way to make everyone enjoy the wonderful state of Israel!

Miriam Slavich, USA

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