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Eginsu's House

Ethiopian Home-Hospitality

Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality

Welcome to Eginsu's house!

Whether as a group or with family and friends, we offer a unique culinary and cultural journey - a warm and authentic home hosting experience and a chance to get to know the culture, food, tradition and history of the Jews of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality

We offer an experience that includes the serving of a traditional Ethiopian meal - including a wide selection of freshly made Ethiopian dishes, both vegetarian and meat - together with the main staple of the Ethiopian diet - the special Injera bread - which is so healthy and gluten free!

Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality

In addition we will hold the traditional Ethiopian Coffee

ceremony and try a range of other Ethiopian foods and snacks.

Along with all of this mouth-watering food we will explore with you the Ethiopian culture and talk about the history of the community and the journey of the Ethiopian Aliyah - including our own personal stories.

Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality
Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality

For those of an adventurous spirit we can even teach you the unique style of Ethiopian music and dance!

Ethiopian Home Hosting Hospitality

Frequently asked questions:



Q) How long is the hosting?

A) The experience typically lasts 2-3 hours - depending on your needs.

Q) Is the food Kosher?

A) The hosting takes place in a home environment - the food is prepared in a Kosher fashion

Q) Is it suitable for vegetarians?

A) Ethiopian food is great for both vegetarians and those eating gluten-free! Traditionally cooked meats are also served. 

Q) Will I be able to eat if I don't like spicy food?

A) The food is prepared according to your needs. Both spicy and non-spicy food is served. In addition non-Ethiopian foods can be prepared for children/those that wish!

Q) Can I choose to do/not to do different parts of the experience?

A) We are happy to tailor make your experience according to your needs - be in touch for further information.

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