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Haifa - the City of Coexistence

Joel Meyer

When Theodore Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism, visited Haifa over 100 years ago he was astounded by its beauty and its modernity but also by its values. Herzl envisioned a modern, enlightened and cosmopolitan state - and this is what he saw in Haifa.

Fast forward 100 years and Haifa continues to shine as an example of cosmopolitanism, peace, respect and coexistence in Israel.

Lying on the slopes of the Carmel mountain range, descending dramatically to the Mediterranean Sea, the city is home to a diverse population - including Muslims, Bahai, Christians, Jews and more, whilst the city is home to a thriving forward thinking hi-tec industry.

Our tour will explore the development of Haifa from a sleepy fishing village to a modern metropolis as well as visiting the different peoples living in the city and looking at how their lives intertwine.

A tour of Haifa will typically:

  • Take in a majestic view over the city and its port as well as northward towards Rosh Hanikra and Lebanon 

  • Head into the beautiful Bahai Gardens and get to know the story and beliefs of this remarkable faith.

  • Head for lunch into Wadi Nisnas - a mixed Arab-Jewish neighborhood with great local food - a chance to really get to know the city

  • Visit Stella Maris - the Carmelite Monastery sitting atop the mount, thought by the order to be the home of the prophet Elijah

  • Visit the cave of the prophet Elijah holy to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze at the base of the mount

  • It is possible to add to the itinerary visits to Haifa's Technion University - one of the world's most prestigious scientific universities,  the Mukhraka - the scene of the prophet Elijah's epic battle with the prophets of Ba'al - and a trip to the Druze villages of Usfiya and Daliyat al Carmel (perhaps for some home hospitality). 

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