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Jerusalem - the Land of Kings

The city of Jerusalem was established 3000 years ago, though its roots go back further. King David standing atop his palace, King Solomon establishing the 1st Jewish Temple and King Hezekiah fortifying the city against impending attack - these kings and their people witnessed some of the greatest and most traumatic moments in Jewish history. The remnants of these times can still to be seen in the city today. 


Yet the story of the city is not just one for the history books, but rather a platform for the thoughts, prayers and motivations for a people across the millennia. Exploring the ancient ruins of the city today is to truly understand the roots of the Jewish people and to open a window into the Jewish future.

Our tour will typically include:

  • a tour of the city of David and a walk through King Hezekiah's water tunnels

  • a visit to Mount Zion and 'the Tomb of King David'

  • a tour of the Jewish quarter including the Hurva Synagogue

  • entry into the Davidson Center - Southern Wall excavations

  • an incredible viewpoint over the Kotel - the Western wall, as well as the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock 

  • Descent to the Kotel - the Western wall - with time to breath in the experience

  • The tour may also include entry to the Western wall tunnels, the burnt house and the Wohl Archaeological museum - according to your wishes.

Joel Meyer
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