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Masada and the Dead Sea

Joel Meyer

Just a few minutes drive eastward from Jerusalem and the landscape instantly changes - green rolling hills are rapidly replaced by wide expanses of desert - yellows, oranges and browns. Absolutely beautiful.


The descent down to the Dead Sea brings us from the heights of Jerusalem down to the lowest place on earth! The waters of the Dead Sea are filled with minerals and salts bringing great benefit to the skin and the experience of floating in this 'saltiest of seas' is like no other!


The climb (or cable car) up Masada brings us to the spectacular desert palace of King Herod as well as the scene of one of the most legendary events of the Jewish Wars with the Romans some 2000 years ago. The story continues to resonate for many Jews as well as the State of Israel itself - we'll explore the traditional story of Masada and ask ourselves what we would have done had we been here 2000 years ago - and whether it's time to reevaluate this narrative?


Ein Gedi is a beautiful desert Oasis and home to some incredible wildlife including Ibex and Hyrax. Take a walk aroud the reserve before stopping to relax and cool down under the waterfall. 

Our Day will typically include:

  • a descent to the Dead Sea - taking in the sights of Jericho, Nebi Musa and the mountains of Jordan in the distance.

  • Ascending Masada and exploring the Roman and Jewish history of the site as well as its mythological and ideological value.

  • A visit to a Dead Sea Spa - with access to the Sea as well as swimming and spa facilities

  • Entry to the Ein Gedi nature reserve

  • Take a look at St Peter's Church and the home of Simon the Tanner

  • It is possible to add outdoor hikes to the itinerary as well as a Bedouin hospitality experience, camel riding a visit to the Ein Fescha reserve and entry to Qumran - the location of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls - all according to your interests and needs.

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