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The Florentin neighborhood of South Tel Aviv has many examples of some fabulously artistic, witty, caustic and sometimes alarming graffiti. The walls of the neighborhood have become a canvas, not only for self-expression but also for protest.

The story of the neighborhood is fascinating and it's perhaps this complicated history that has made Florentin  a hotbed of social, political and anarchic expression - the graffiti plastered around the neighborhood has become a point of immense interest in itself.

On our tour we'll explore the origins and evolution of the neighborhood from humble origins to the gritty chic of today. We'll look at what this means for the residents, new and old how this ties into trends in wider Israeli society.

We'll take a look at some incredible street art and try and understand what messages the artists are giving? We'll also consider the questions and dilemmas raised by the artists - both universal and those particular to Israel - and what they mean for us?

The itinerary typically includes:

  • A visit to the Levinsky Market

  • Exploring the Florentin residential neighborhood

  • Wandering the old workshop neighborhood of Florentin

  • Tour can also include a visit to the Shapira Neighborhood examining the matter of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and foreign workers in Israel in greater depth.

  • The Tour can easily be incorporated into a full day schedule in Tel Aviv.

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