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The New Jerusalem

Joel Meyer

Whilst Jerusalem's Old City may capture the imagination of travelers from around the world, it is the rapid pace of development of what lies outside of the Old City walls that is the less told but perhaps just as dramatic story.

On this tour we will explore how over the past 150 years, Jerusalem been transformed ethnically, architecturally and geographically. We will get to grips with how Jewish settlement in the land grew under the Ottomans, what challenges arose for both Arabs and Jews during the British Mandate and how the city evolved when divided between east and west, Israel and Jordan from the State of Israel's inception until the SIx Day War of 1967 and of course the challenges of its reunification until the present day.

We'll also take a look at who lives in the city, what motivates them and how their views and opinions shape the city and the region.

A tour of modern Jerusalem could include any number of the following places:

  • Mishkanot She'Ananim - Montefiore's Windmill

  • The king David Hotel and the YMCA building

  • The eclectic neighborhood of Nachlaot

  • Downtown Jerusalem -  Ben Yehuda Street

  • The amazing Machane Yehuda Market

  • The Israel Museum

  • The Knesset - Israel's Parliament

  • The Supreme Court

  • The Seam line - the border between Israeli and Jordanian held Jerusalem pre-1967

  • Many more ideas and sites are possible according to your needs

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